Holy basil

Family Name: Lamiaceae , English Name: Holy basil ,Sanskrit : Vrinda,Amrita ,Hindi: Tulsi

Holy basil is known in India with several names. Explaining importance of holy basil is like trying to describe the importance of Sun. It is a medicinal herb which has the capability to control any type of disorder. It is easily available everywhere and is fragrant and beautiful. Its several varieties are found. Out of these the white and black tulsi are the most important ones.

It gets easily absorbed in the system, anthelmintic, cures cough, excites heart and purifies the blood. It causes sweating and is ani-pyretic and cures swelling and oedema.

It is widely used to treat following:

For promoting physical strength
Early ejaculation
Night blindness
Chronic rhinitis
Post delivery pain
Cough, cold
Diarrhoea and loose motion
Inflammation of urinary bladder
Ear pain
Snake bite
Malaria fever
Skin care

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