Family Name: Moraceae ,English Name: Cluster fig, Country fig ,Sanskrit: Udumbar ,Hindi: Gular

According to Atharveda , cluster fig is one of the medicines which promotes physical strength. It is said that mixture of powder of its fruits and ghee and paste of vidari kand when taken with milk, even an old person turns young. Its trees are found both in cultivated and in wild forms at heights of 6000 ft. Its trees are more commonly found in forests and near rivers. When any part of the tree is slit, white milk oozes out which turns yellow after some time. The plant bears fruits throughout the year.

Bark and the unripe fruit can cure urinary disorders and cures burning sensation. In external use, decoction of bark and leaves cures swelling and oedema, relieves pain and heals ulcers. Cluster figs are beneficial for ulcers are binding in nature, cures burning sensation and vaginal disorders.

It is widely used to treat following:

Mouth disorders
Swelling of ears
Chicken pox
Excessive hunger
Stomach pain
Urinary disorders
High grade fever
Burning sensation

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