Drum Stick

Family Name : Moringaceae ,English Name : Drum stick plant ,Sanskrit : Shigru

Based on the flower type, Ayurved writers have identified its two main types-white and red. White variety is bitter and red variety is sweet in taste. The bitter variety is found all over but the sweet variety is found rarely.

Trees are small or medium sized .Its bark and wood soft. When the tree is laden with pod, the branches break off from the tree due to weight. Leaves grow in groups together. Leaf stalk is 1-2 inch long on which 6-9 pairs of leaves grow. Each leaf is ¼ to ¾ inch long, oval shaped and grows opposite to each other. Flowers are bluish and grow in white coloured bunches.

Paste of its bark and leaves causes burning sensation ,cures oedema and swelling and is anti inflammatory. It excites nervous system. In internal use, it is purgative, promotes digestive function and has binding properties. It is analgesic too. Sweet drumstick is unctuous and sweet. Because of its bitterness and warmness, it stimulates liver. It is anti-pyretic too.

It is used to treat following:



Eye disorders


Bronchial Asthma


Digestive power

Intestinal worms


Kidney stones

Internal swelling



Dog bite



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