Brahmi : Best herbal medicine to improve memory

Brahmi enhances intellect, improves memory. This herb is found all over India near bodies of water. It is one of the important herbal plants

English name: Indian penny Wort,Sanskrit : Divya, Hindi : Brahmi

Appearance: it is very soft ground hugging creeper with frog like leaves, which spread on all sides like a frog on wet and dry land. New roots grow from the junctions of leaves and branches and then enter the soil and this way the creeper grows all over the area. The leaves are round, coin shaped and green and grow in groups of two or three. The leaves have very small marks on them. The plant flowers from spring to summer and fruits come thereafter. The flowers are white and bluish. The whole plant has a bitter taste.

Bharmi is used to treat following:
To increase memory power

Take 1 part dry penny wort,1 part almonds and 1/4 th part black pepper. Grind them all in water and prepare a tablets of 3 gram each. Take one tablet every morning and evening with milk.

Take fresh juice of brahmi and mix equal amount of ghee in it and then cook the mixture. Take 5 gram of this ghee everyday. It improves memory power. Also take powder of the entire plant with milk.It improves memory.

Brahmi Juice preparation:
Soak a small quantity of Brahmi leaves in water overnight. Then make it into a paste with a few ground almonds and milk. This is a first-rate tonic and cooling beverage, excellent for health and strength. It tones the liver and eliminates all kinds of worms in the bowels. This drink is especially useful for nervous debility, while invigorating and improving the brain.

To control hair fall:
If you find more hair on your brush or pillow than your head, you can control it with Indian pennywort.

  • Eat one teaspoon of brahmi powder every morning (and evening if it is severe) for a few weeks.
  • This will lessen the hair fall.
  • You could also apply brahmi packs on your scalp and hair to reduce hair fall.

Brahmi is also used to treat following :
To improve quality of voice
Burning sensation
Blood pressure

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