Family Name: Combretaceae ,English Name : Arjuna ,Sanskrit : Arjuna ,Hindi : Arjun

Up to 80 feet tall Arjuna trees covered with tender green leaves and standing in rows on river banks.
The trunk of this tree is massive with a diameter of 10-20 feet. The bark is white on the outside, smooth and up to one third inch thick, it is blood red inside. Once in a year it peels just like a snake sheds its skin. The leaves are 3-6 inch long and 1-2 inch wide on small branches adjacent at places and apart at others. The front is smooth and back is rough and has glands. Very light green flowers grow in white clusters. They have no fragrance. The fruits are 1-2 inch long with elongated oval shape. They are segmented and have five raised strips. There are no seeds in them.

Arjun is cool, beneficial for heart and astringent is taste. It eliminates fat, tuberculosis cells, blood disorders and cures many other disorders. It strengthens heart muscles which makes the heartbeat regular and strong.
It contracts the arteries and thereby increases the blood weight. This stimulates the heart and also the blood flow through the arteries slows down.
Thus the heart is able to pump the blood in to the body and bring it back to the heart more efficiently. Therefore use of this herb is very beneficial for treating heart related chronic illness. It reduces the acidity and burning of pitta and the makes the blood stable. This helps in disorders related to the blood acid peptic disorders.

It is widely used to treat following:
Boils in the mouth
Ear pain
Black patches on the face
Tubercular cough
Urinary Disorders
Bleeding disorders
Heart related disorders.

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